A Loose Dental Bridge Needs to Be Treated by an Experienced Dentist

Dental bridges are typically cemented onto their anchoring abutments with a strong dental grade adhesive. This is intended to fully restore your missing tooth for many years to come. Unfortunately, there are times when oral hygiene complications or severe dental trauma can weaken the dental cement holding your dental bridge... Read more »

Would a Flipper Make a Good Tooth Replacement Option?

If someone asked if you wanted to replace your missing teeth with a flipper, you would probably do a double take, and understandably so. “Flipper” is a term that is used to describe a tooth replacement that is similar to a denture. A flipper is not a denture in the... Read more »

Oral Health ABCs: Tooth Replacement Care

Do you ever wish you could have more options for your oral health care? In the event of a missing or lost tooth, there are actually three distinct treatments that we offer that are both extremely popular and effective. If you are looking for an effective tooth replacement option that... Read more »

Dental Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

From time to time, our teeth can become damaged. A lifetime of wear and tear on a tooth can result in chips and cracks; or a tooth can become discolored, worn down and flattened over time. A damaged or misshapen tooth stands out in your smile, but it can repaired.... Read more »

Principles Concerning Tooth Restoration Therapy

With all the wonderful tooth restoration therapies available in our modern dental industry, it can be difficult to choose which one will work best for you. Your needs should dictate the treatment you require, depending on the health of your teeth and the desires you have for them. For a... Read more »

Toothbrushing Basics

Because brushing your teeth is probably not the most complicated thing you will do during your day, you may think that there isn’t much to it. But here is a question: Are you doing it correctly? Believe it or not, there is more to brushing your teeth than you may... Read more »

Selecting a Mouthwash

When selecting a mouthwash, it’s important to remember that mouthwashes and rinses do not replace brushing and flossing on daily basis, and they do not replace regular visits with your dentist for cleanings and exams. However, mouthwashes and rinses are great products to use to give your teeth, gums and... Read more »

Facts About Flossing

Many people may consider flossing to be a no-brainer. Pull some floss out of the holder, run it between your teeth and you’re done, right? It may be true that flossing is not the hardest concept to grasp, but it is an important part of your oral hygiene regimen, and... Read more »